Stranger in Love
When the time runs away
And the night begins dark,
I rove in the black bay,
Like the stranger, like the shark.
When the soft wind breathes in face,
I tightly close my eyes -
I feel that I can waste
My world, my moon, my stars.
And I know I step the way
That lasts for hundred years.
I wait day after day...
I'll meet you, that I swear.
But you may not recognize
My black shadow in the night.
And the beauty of your eyes
I can confuse with the light.
When I see the loneliest dawn,
I pray to stay, to be strong.
And I can ask what have been gone.
I'm well, but I'm wrong!
What can we wait from these -
May be it's from above.
I want the war - I don't need piece,
It must have been love.
May be it's only hopeless end.
There's no finish, no more start.
And I can melt like yellow sand
Or rush away like cart.
So I know that all we die
To meet here again
And I'll see your shining eyes,
I'll take to heart the blame.
(Сентябрь 1998)